JX User Manual
Version 0.1a

1. What Is JX?
 JX, or Ji's X-less editor, is a console-based generic text editor distributed under the GPL license. It tries to be consistent with GUI text editors, and uses the familiar keyboard shortcuts: CTRL-C to copy, CTRL-Z to undo, etc.. Although originally designed for Linux, it is portable to any system with a CURSES library installed, including Windows (using PDCurses).

2. The Block Mode (Selection Mode)
  In order to use the cut, copy and paste functions, you must first select the block of text you wish to cut or copy. To do this, move to the beginning or the end of the block of text, and press CTRL-B. (This enters Block Mode. If you don't want to select anything anymore, press CTRL-B again to return to normal editing mode.) Now move to the other end of the block: you will see that the text in between is highlighted. Press CTRL-C to copy, CTRL-X to cut, CTRL-V to paste like in most text editors.
Note: You CANNOT replace the selected text by, for example, typing something while in selection mode. However, the Delete and Backspace keys do delete the selected text.

3. The Clipboard
 JX provides a clipboard which works like the clipboard in most text editors. When you cut (
CTRL-X) or copy (CTRL-C), the selected text is coipied into the clipboard. However, JX's clipboard functions like emacs's and vi's kill ring, which means that you can cut/copy multiple blocks of text, and then select which one you want to paste.

The first line of the block of text you will get if you do a paste, typically the last one you just cut/copied, is shown on the status bar. Press CTRL-/ (slash) and you will see that the clipboard is indeed rotated to the second-to-last block of text cut/copied. Continue to press CTRL-/ to return to previous text blocks. You will ultimately return to the last block of text you cut/copied.

Keyboard Shortcuts for JX
CTRL-B: Toggle block (selection) mode
CTRL-C: Copy selected text block and push into clipboard
CTRL-O: Open existing document
CTRL-Q: Quit JX / cancel a question
CTRL-S: Save current document
CTRL-V: Paste to cursor
CTRL-W: Save current document to another file name (Save As)
CTRL-X: Cut selected text block and push into clipboard
CTRL-Y: Redo
CTRL-Z: Undo
CTRL-/(slash): Rotate clipboard