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What is JX?

JX is an easy-to-use console-based text editor distributed under the GPL license. It tries to be consistent with GUI text editors, and uses the familiar keyboard shortcuts: CTRL-C to copy, CTRL-Z to undo, etc..

JX was originally designed for Linux. However, as JX is based on the CURSES library, it is portable to any system with one installed. The current version runs on Linux with GNU NCURSES and on Windows with PDCurses.

Currently JX is in beta testing state with the release JX v0.1b. Your opinions, suggestions and bug reports are immensely precious to us, but we must warn you that this software may not be stable and may cause damage to you data. Under the GPL license, we do not assume responsibility for corrupted data. We strongly recommend you, therefore, to backup important files before editing them with JX.